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Welcome to Heaven Spa

Here at Heaven Spa you will experience top of the line Esthetic and Laser services. Heaven Spa is owner operated and invites a client base that seeks loyal and thorough services.

Our motto:

Outstanding Services, Realistic Prices!

Our estheticians have over 8 years experience to ensure all of your treatments will be done to perfection. Specializing in Eminence Facials, Laser Hair Removal , you will not be disappointed. Recently adding  the Venus Swan, HydraFacials to our list of services. Our Certified Advanced Laser technicians are using the newest and highest power machine in Victoria. There are so many safe and effective treatments with ultimate in comfort.

Talk with our staff to discover which of our services you will benefit from. Heaven Spa has both male and female Laser technicians to suit your needs. Your privacy and comfort are our priority. Make your appointment today and discover Victoria’s best kept secret.

Elizabeth & Barry Parsons

Elizabeth A. Parsons

Elizabeth is one of the owners at HeavenSpa and carries with her a warmth and energy that draws people to her instantly.  She has more the 13 years experience as an Esthetican and 7 years as a Laser Technician and has an exceptional eye for detail, which you can see when you look around the artfully decorated rooms in the spa. She really loves the connection with her loyal clients, as they do with her, which makes it necessary to book in advance in order to secure a time with her.  Some of her specialties include her sought after Facials, her skill and speed at waxing - especially brazilians, and her perfectly flawless pedicures.  You will also learn what is new in the industry from Elizabeth as she is passionate about keeping her spa and her guests in the know about all the latest and greatest.  If it is on trend, she will be able to tell you about it, and if it is great - it will soon be offered at HeavenSpa.  Our latest additions to the spa include the Award Winning Eminence Organic Skin Care line, HydraFacials, and Venus Swan skin tightening and body contouring.  Elizabeth loves the HeavenSpa and is always eager to meet new people, especially referred friends - it truly means the most in a business like this. Click HERE to book online to experience her expertise. "As always I greatly admire your dedication to yourself/family/friends/clients, your brilliance and creativity, and I am delighted to have you in my life."  Elizabeth T. ( A client for over 6 years)

Barry Parsons

Barry is one of the owners of HeavenSpa and is our senior Cosmetic Laser technician and our product knowledge guru.  Barry has over 8 years experience working with lasers and has an excellent skill for isolating the correct balance of in spa treatments with professional skincare to achieve the results his clients are expecting.  If you have an interest in learning more about how our many advanced technologies and medical grade skin care can improve your skin and make you feel and look years younger, let us know. Barry also has an amazing touch, and if you can catch him to treat you for a MicroDermabrasion or HydraFacial, it will be an experience you won't forget. Just in case you can't, he has trained all his staff members to follow in his footsteps.  Barry will be more then happy to assist you and educate you in the many options HeavenSpa has to offer. Click HERE to learn more about Laser Services.

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