Align to Thrive

  A 3 week Transformational Group Coaching Mini Retreat

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Back to YOU! / Retreat 2.0

Oct 5th, 12th & 19th 6-8pm

5 Exclusive Spots

$179 per ticket, includes workbook

Clarity, Confidence, Aligned Action

   Join a small group of like minded women who have put others first every day, and are ready to find themselves again. You deserve to be living every day feeling balanced and loved ~ and YES there is a way to achieve that, even for YOU!

This round we are enhancing the retreat with even more transformation possible!

Begin to train your brain to a heightened state of awareness & achieve a greater sense of confidence & self love, all while recognizing the power you hold with your thoughts.

Walk away feeling a deep sense of self knowing & connection, skills to have conversations that you haven’t had before to set loving boundaries, and a deep feeling of self love.

This retreat shows you how to take power back by breaking the habits of your subconscious mind, so you can begin to live more purposefully, with less stress, and best of all the lifetime tools to train your brain to work for you instead of against you!

3 Weekly sessions to find yourself again.


Join us in our private, relaxing spa setting where you can come as you are & connect to yourself and others in a way that you haven’t made time for in far too long!

Each retreat will be limited to 5 guests.

How do I know what Alignment feels like?

The short answer is Joy! It is your natural state of consciousness.  Rules, schedules and other stressful environments have taken us farther from our joy than ever before.  Most of us are operating in stress response, which is where illness and chronic anxiety can take over.  When you are living in joy, you are closest to your highest self and doing what you are meant to do. Things that bring you joy are no accident, they have been designed by your higher self to draw you towards your true purpose.

Who is this mini retreat for?


  • Anyone who constantly puts others first
  • The woman who feels like you have no time to be alone or a quiet space to be still
  • Anyone craving a weekly connection to your deeper self
  • The woman who has been stuck in a negative thought spiral and would love to learn some tools to begin to change
  • The woman who is ready to see life in a lighter way and bring more joy to everyday living
  • The woman who catches herself with a short temper, snapping at loved ones, or shutting off from sharing your ideas & thoughts
  • The woman who needs help creating time & space to meditate more consistently

What to expect in our weekly sessions

Awaken the Body

Each week we begin with mild yoga to energize the body and bring the flow of fluid to your spine & chakras.

This will ground you into your present moment and self love.

Guided Meditation

Then we  settle into a specially chosen guided mediation to deepen the connection to your higher self, and allow our subconscious mind to become open to new thoughts & feelings

Group Coaching

Then we merge in a quiet space to chat begin your coaching about how to observe our thoughts in order to deeply change our emotions .  We will begin to learn how to train your brain to a higher level of awareness.

You will have break-throughs when working with Lizzy, I guarantee it! She creates a safe space and is able to guide you as you unpack beliefs/mindset blocks that you may have been holding on/believing in for years. Her spirit, her approach, her dedication to her client’s outcome is undeniable. 
On my second session with her we uncovered a deeply rooted belief that I had been struggling with for decades. Being a coach myself, I knew this was un-true, yet for years, I hadn’t been able to break through this belief.  I had been conditioned from a young child to think a certain way, neither good nor bad. Just a thought pattern had been established and well rooted.  She was able to provide me with tools that will be with me forever. Yes, coaches too need coaches to help them with their own mindset blocks. 
If you’re on the fence and wondering if working with Lizzy is going to be worth it…she is worth every penny. I can’t wait to work with her again and see what transformations I will uncover. 
Alesha A.

Business Coach to Busy moms

Align to Thrive

At the foundation of this Mini Retreat is a signature framework that I am developing as a group coaching program. Consider this to be the beginning of something BIG!  Introduce yourself to how & why your brain works the way it does, and how our Bodies have become addicted to our negative thoughts & emotions, making it difficult to get create any long lasting changes in our lives.

It is my desire to empower you with the possibility of change.  I am going to coach you in a group setting and reveal new ways of thinking, new techniques to bring you less stress and more calmness into your day.  We can interrupt these patterns, and I can show you the tools you need to begin.

Once you can control your thoughts, you can change your world!

Please let me know if you have any questions.

I know your time is valuable, and you are very busy.  My goal is to put on many mini retreats throughout the year.  If you wish to be informed of the next dates, please leave your email below to be on our exclusive invitation list.