You’re worth it!

Using the Candela Gmax Laser, our experienced technicians can remove years of age spots, red spots (veins) and discolorations from your skin.  Treatments can be on your Face, neck, chest & hands.  Your skin will reveal a more youthful even toned look and your pores will be refined along with some skin tightening effects.  The treatment requires a consultation to discuss your recent sun exposure and your daily habits regarding SPF.  Your photo will be taken for a before & after follow up.  The best time to treat your face with Photo Rejenvenation is 2 weeks to a month prior to any event or desired result.  The desired results can most often be achieved with one or two sessions spaced apprx. 4 weeks apart.  All of your skins need will be discussed in your free consult and other services may be suggested for your maximum results.  Other skin rejuvenating solutions may include HydraFacials, Microdermabrasion and Venus Swan Tightening Treatments.               (See other details in website)

Per session $350

Red facial veins $125 / 30 mins