Consciously Connected Coaching

  Where Brain Science & Energy Work meet.

Helping you circle back to the ‘Inner Work’ that you have been avoiding, so you can wake up feeling calm, safe and full-filled.  Connecting you to Yourself, Your Highest Self, your Passion & Purpose so you can wake up feeling peace and inspired!

About Consciously Connected Coaching

 Coaching is an opportunity to reveal the thoughts and behavior that have been holding you back from true happiness.  Coaching offers you a structure to do the inner work required to let go of what no longer serves your highest good. It allows you a judgement free space with someone who truly wants the best for you in your life.  Spiritual coaching encourages you to realize that you are on earth to serve a mission.  Coaching can help you unveil that mission and live a more confident, clear & joyful life.

We use a proven framework to discover your emotional set point and work to rewire your unconscious thoughts.  We work in the zone of long lasting change, not just changing your habits but changing the thoughts that lead you negative emotions, which are in charge of your habits.

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It all starts with a call.

If you feel like you have been stuck in the same state for far too long, it may be time for a shift.

Change is possible for you!

You deserve to live a life where you wake up happy and with a purpose. 

This is where brain science and energy work can shift your state of BEING and change your FREQUENCY as a human.

The Signature Program

During our time together, we focus on a empowering you, building self trust & confidence so that you can take the leap into your life.  Many times, we are carrying around thoughts and beliefs that don’t truly serve us.  My coaching program offers a structure for you to follow so you can truly unveil those thoughts, patterns and beliefs, so you can begin the process of removing them from your every day mind.   This is where the healing and the magic can take place when you make space for new thoughts, patterns and beliefs to become your dominant emotional set point.  Imagine, waking up Happy every day! Imagine the feeling of peace, balance and emotional calm. 

What is a Law of Attraction Coach

  The Universe that we live in is governed by the Law of Attraction, which means that we are all energy, creating a magnetic field around us all of the time.  That magnetic field attracts back to us it’s match in energy. Everything in your life now is a current reflection of your current energy and frequency.  If you aren’t feeling great about your current state, we can reflect back and see what we can shift.

In order to attract what we want into our lives consistently, we must be at a match for that energy to find us.  Law of Attraction Coaching shows you exactly how to become a match to the frequency of your biggest desires & love living your life while you trust your dreams are on their way to you. I will show you tools to master your frequency and soon it becomes easily a part of your life.

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How to Proceed

Take the Leap

When you truly master who you are BEING, you are in control of your FREQUENCY.

When you master your Frequency, you are in control of your Experience.

It is Law!

It is my mission to expose you to the magic of Conscious Connected living.

Becoming conscious of your thoughts and how they effect your emotions is the FASTEST way to controlling your frequency.

Each thought carries a frequency

Your dominant thought and their frequency will determine your experience in life.  My mission is to show you exactly how to raise your frequency and change your thought patterns as quickly and easily as possible.

If you are not loving every minute, feeling supported and safe, and feeling deeply worthy and grateful for each day, then together we can get you there!!!

Working together in a Coaching setting is a two way relationship that must be a good fit for you, so you can feel trust & accountability in your willingness to make a few shifts.  As you can imagine, some of these shifts may not be easy, but if you are truly ready, I have a process to get you through it in a loving and compassionate way.


Available Coaching Sessions


We have a unique opportunity at the Spa to have a private in person coaching environment, in the new Sanctuary.

I know for some of us, in person sessions can be very powerful as it includes being a completely relaxed state of mind to release old patterns and connect more deeply to yourself. We also create an environment for you and your soul to connect with reiki energy, soothing sounds and candle light.If you would like in person sessions, it is no extra charge and has a huge impact on your well being and results.

Virtual sessions are available also. My coaching is Reprogramming your brain for long lasting change, therefore we can’t expect to get great results without committing to this practice so it becomes a new habit for you.  My packages are minimum of 4 sessions, but recommend 12 sessions to cover my entire signature program framework to completely shift your life!We can discuss all of your options in our Tea time chat. 

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I understand coaching is very intimate and holds it’s own resistance, so let’s make sure we are a good fit. You like me, I like you and you are truly ready to change.  This framework has been used for over 10 years with over 1000 people who have become free of their brain’s unconscious programming.  You deserve an upgrade, and this is your sign to take it!I look forward to chatting soon


My Philosophy;

Your Soul has chosen this time to be on earth for a reason! Your dreams are no accident, they have been planted in your heart & mind intentionally to drive you forward towards your path! I believe we are all here on purpose to create an impact in our own lives & the lives of others.

With new intentions and awareness you can consciously connect to your higher self & spirit team to live a more balanced and abundant life.  Everything you need is within you to control your frequency, and therefore your experience!

I can’t wait to show you how! Step by step, to easily integrate into your daily life!

We can identify our energy set point and work towards moving it higher, and everything can change!

Our job is to do what lights us up and live that life to it’s fullest. I believe that absolutely Anything is possible with the power of brain science and spiritual connection in my coaching framework.  We follow the structure to Conscioulsy Connect, and see what unfolds.


I can’t wait to support, let’s chat and see if we are a good fit together.


 It’s me, Lizzy!  I am a mother to an amazing son, wife of 20 yrs, Spa owner/Esthetician and mom to 3 dogs, and a cat:)
When I was 11 years old I knew that I was going to be a Spa Owner. 
No one could stop me!
 And now, as a business owner of 20 years, I have been fortunate enough to have met thousands of people in a very vulnerable environment ;). I love making people feel comfortable , confident and seen.  I get to support people and uplift them, and I love that I get to do that every day in at work.
It was my destiny! I can’t believe it is a real job!
Recently I was looking for something more, and decided to dive deeper into my own spiritual interests and gifts.  Over the past 3 years I have become a Law of Attraction Coach, a Reiki Level 1 & 2 certified and a Certified Spiritual Life Coach and an Energy Reader. 
My deep passion for empowering people,  the law of attraction and my love for education are perfectly combined in the Coaching industry. 
I thought it would be easy for me to create a coaching business,
I have been faced with several deep negative beliefs including imposter syndrome, personal doubt, feelings of uncertainty and the big one for me is procrastination and perfectionism.  These subconscious beliefs have not only been holding back my success, but have been holding me hostage from the life I dream of living. 
After working through my own program during the certification process, I began to unveil, break down &  dissolve some of these major beliefs that I had been holding on to. 
I felt an immediate sense of SELF TRUST, CONFIDENCE, and honestly FREEDOM, from this program. 
And that was when things started to flow!!
I am so excited to share with you the power this can have for you too. 
I knew immediately that if I was struggling, someone else may be struggling, and it is my passion to show you the tools you can use in your life so you can wake up feeling free & excited for the day to come.
It’s time to get out of your own way and connect to your Higher Self

What to expect from Coaching

See if any of these transformations will bring you closer to your happiness;

  • Feeling Lost/Uncertain to feeling confident & empowered
  • Feeling alone or lonely in your decisions to knowing you are never alone
  • Feeling stuck in one spot to moving confidently towards your goals with passion
  • Feeling blah or impatient to knowing that everything is in divine timing and you are exactly where you are supposed to be.
  • Watching others doing what you want to do and feeling defeated and not knowing how to proceed to truly knowing what you want and how to get it quickly into your life
  • Feeling disconnected from your Soul Self to truly knowing you are a divine being and able to access the unlimited resources that are available to you at all times


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