Laser Services

Our experienced staff and state of the art equipment will get you the results you desire.



Remove dark spots and pigment from your skin. Your face & body can be safely treated. Imagine all those years of sun bathing being erased!

A full consultation with UV analysis photograph can help you determine how powerful this treatment can be for you.  See all the damage that we can potentially remove

Laser Hair Removal

 Check out the Price List Page for more details.

Laser Hair Removal targets the colour in the hair and sends heat energy to the root of the hair, resulting in damaged hair growth.

The results are a complete game changer. Smoother skin, no irritations, no ingrown hairs. You will never regret the decision to get laser, the sooner the better.


By combining body parts with Laser Hair Removal, you will receive a discounted price on the package.

We recommend 6-8 sessions & we do support our Price Match Guarantee.

Ask for details at the spa



What else can the laser do?

Man after vascular treatment

Vascular treatments

Targeting any red or brown discolorations in the skin including small blood vessels in the face, nostrils, chest or legs. Cherry hemangiomas are also treated with really great success.

$155 per 30 mins of treatment

(diffused redness can also be treated in Photo Rejuvenation)

Healthy feet

Toe Nail Fungus

Our powerful laser can safely and effectively destroy the fungus that caused our nails to be unhealthy and deteriorate. All traces of polish must be removed before each session.

Depending on severity of the condition, multiple sessions may be required.