It’s Your Time Now!

Are you looking to bring the you back into your life?

Have you lost yourself over the years while you have been taking care of everyone else? 

Latest Cosmetic technology & Treatments

Choose from one or all of our many modalities to remove sun damage, discolorations, scars and wrinkles from the skin.  Unveil your youngest looking skin with expert techniques and a custom package.

Nutrient Dense Organic Skincare

Get a professionally designed custom skincare routine to maximize your in spa results. Learn the exact ritual for each evening and morning to uplift your radiance and improve your glow every day.

Inner Healing & Confidence Coaching


 Imagine the freedom of removing years on negative habits and inner self talk.  Allow yourself to feel a deep sense of connection to yourself and you emerge to this glorious stage of your life.  A life that is truly your own to life the best way you desire. Shed yourself of the burden of subconscious patterns that have dimmed your light for too long.

Our packages range from 4- 12 weeks commitments for a true transformation

The Whole Package

 You deserve to look and feel vibrant, but sometimes in life, we get very comfortable putting our needs behind the needs of others. 

But things have shifted. 

Now you realize, you deserve more

And we are here to help you achieve that feeling.  Explore the different package options below to unveil the Whole Package that you are. 

Each package can be customized to meet your specific needs, but use these curated examples as your guide.


Experience You Can Trust

 To us, Aging Gracefully means aging with grace.

Nothing harsh or extreme, nothing added to your face, just you ~ only  better

No intense down times, no~one wondering what happened to your face? 

Imagine years of fun in the sun; erased, wrinkles softened and lifted, skin brighter and more radiant than you can remember and a connection to yourself deeper and full of more love than you have been given in a long time. 

Our team of dedicated experts are here to show you step by step how to find the YOU you have been missing for years.


Sun Damage, Scars & Marks Removed


Wrinkles softened and lifted


Expertly crafted Self Care and Personal Routine


A personal coach to help you remove negative self talk and reprogram your mindset for a new era

Our Team will help you see that you are the whole package

We can custom design a package just for you including several options and price points.  Our goal is to remind you how it feels to put yourself first and to see the power in self care and self love.

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Client Reviews

“AI “

I’ve been visiting HeavenSpa for a couple of years and love how thoughtful and kind they are. I have had good outcomes with other locations, but Barry & Elizabeth produce fantastic results. I am so glad i found them! M.F.


I’ve been a frequent spa worshipper, twice a month, for years with Elizabeth and she is the most amazing person both professionally and personally. I always leave feeling so relaxed and incredible. I would recommend her anytime & always. xoxox B.W.


This spa is the best I’ve been to. Staff are well educated in products and treatments and helpful in suggesting without any pressure to purchase. The staff are warm and welcoming and extremely competent in services they provide. FIVE STARS!! J.K.


Whole Package Examples

  • PhotoRejuvenation Value $699
  • 2 Hydrafacials Value $450
  • Skin Care Routine Budget $250
  • 6 Weeks Subconscious Reprogramming Coaching $600
  • $1799 Total ( value of $1999)
  •  3 Venus Viva RadioFrequency MicroNeedling Value $1500
  • 2 PhotoRejuvenation Value $950
  • 4 Hydrafacials Value $900
  • $1000 Skincare Budget
  • 12 weeks Subconscious Reprogramming Coaching Value of $1300
  • 3 Reiki Facials  Value $589
  • Total Cost $5999 (Value $6239)

Spa Hours

Tuesday & Wednesday – 10:30 am to 6:30 pm

Thurs, Fri, Sat – 10:00 am to 5:30 pm

Closed Sunday & Monday

Heaven The Spa on the Rock

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