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Eminence Organic Facials

Custom 90 Minute Facial $125

Age Corrective Facial $149

Energy Clearing Facial $249

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Manicure & Pedicures

Gel Pedicure  1.5 hr $95

Essential Pedicure 1 hr $85

Arctic Berry Illumination Pedicure 1.5 hrs $115

OxyBurst Pedi includes a Peel for your face for the ultimate Glow UP

90 mins $115


Eminence Facial & Essential Pedicure 2.5 hrs $199

  • Gel manicure & Pedicure $145



    Our Signature Spa Treaments


    Enjoy a private steam room session prior to any of our Body Treatments.  Allow us to massage away the stresses of every day

    By combining Organic Skincare & highly trained intuitive estheticians, your stress will melt away, and your skin will be glowing & rejuvenated.

    Eminence Organic Facial $125

    A 90 minute experience with complete customized skincare each and every time.

    Hot towels and deep massages will relax your tension away.

    Age Corrective Facial $145

    Using our top of line anti-aging ingredients such as Marine Collagen, Rosehip Oil, and Citrus & Kale Serums along with intensely potent masks, this facial is the ultimate organic experience.

    HydraFacial MD $225

    A thorough exfoliating treatment that hydrates and improves your skin health.

    Enjoy one of the deepest cleansing facials you will ever experience.  Ideal for treatment oriented results for anti-aging, blemishes or unhealthy skin.

    Microdermabrasion $145

    A classic spa favorite, this treatment is deeply cleansing and smoothing of the face.  Great for congested feeling skin or general texture improvement.

    Introducing the New Facial Experience

     Energy Clearing Facial $249

    This 2 hour treatment is one of HeavenSpa most unique treatment.  Our best facial including a hot foot soak & exfoliation of the feet & legs, with a hot cacao drink.  In your dimly lit room, prepare for an energetic experience that will relax you like none other.  Guided relaxation meditation, Reiki infused face and neck & scalp massage, hand and arm massage with Chakra Balaning essential oils and soundbathing.

    Choose between Confidence boosting

    Anxiety Reduction

    Reducing Stress

    Connecting to Self.

    We have also created a take home bundle for you to consider to enhance your results

    The Ultimate Vitamin C Facial

    Indulge your senses with the latest update to our signature facial protocol.  Begin the luxurious experience with a back scrub under the steam and a pressure point massage from your shoulders to your toes.

    Then, stimulate your skin with a fire and ice experience and hydrate with a deep massage of your face and neck.  To finish your skin will be cooled and soothed with the deeply nourishing HydroJelly mask to enhance the penetration of the potent Eminence Organic Vitamin C line.

    This facial is 1hr 45 mins $185

    and comes with a $25 credit for product.

    We have also created a take home bundle for you to consider to enhance your results.  It includes the three products in the picture, the mist is free with the purchase of the Citrus & Kale Serum & Mask, and all comes in a cute summer clutch.

    By Connect deeply to yourself & your body with these organic body experiences

    Full Body Exfoliation

     Organic Body Scrub $145

    With mini Facial $155

    Add a Self Tanner Application

    Golden Body  $155

    Aromatherapy Body Restoration

    Full body exfoliation with organic scrub and custom essential choice, a full body wrap with an oil and deeply hydrating cream blended with your essential oil choice.  Scalp and foot massage, and a take home roller ball. $169

    Body Renewal

    1.45 hr A full body exfoliation, a refreshing rinse in the rain shower and a 45 Minute Massage on the back of the body. $189


    A classic spa favorite, a deeply relaxing 90 minute body massage and mini facial treatment


    The Reiki Facial Experience

     2 hrs $199


    During one of our amazing Eminence Facials, your chakras will be balanced and awakened.  It is our belief that we lose ourselves in our daily hustle & bustle, and the spa is the perfect place to reconnect.  Use your time wisely with a service that achieves glowing skin and a glowing soul.

    In our very busy lives, we often forget to be still.  In this intentional treatment, we cover aligning the chakras, protecting your aura and clearing your energy with healing crystals placed on and around your body. You will also have the option of a guided meditation while you settle into a deep state of relaxation.

    This is a very customized treatment to each guest, and unique every visit. Your facial will be an expertly crafted Eminence Organic Facial with a powerful Reiki healing sesssion

    .You will come away deeply refreshed, perhaps with some glowing new ideas from your source and a sense of balance and well being & connection.

     Enhancements include chakra crystal placement to align your energy centers,  Saged/smudged room to allow for a personal cleansing, essential oils for grounding.  Feel a deepened state of relaxation and connection.  Your body can heal and shed old energy as new invigorating energy flows in.

    An Experience like no other.




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