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Whether you need someone to share your biggest dreams with or you want clear & concise action steps towards your Goals, coaching is a great way to move you closer to your next level YOU!

Review the different options below for our chance to work together and help you feel Connected, Clear & Ready to take Action!





Each program includes a multi-page intake form, a 30 min introduction call and weekly 55 minute calls with worksheets & homework.  Our work together will include meditations, setting goals, shining light on the inner work, all with supportive accountability so you can quantum leap into your next level!

If you need a hand deciding which package suits your needs right now, I am happy to help!


This program is 4 weeks.

Designed to help you connect to your Higher Self and see yourself in the light of a Soul on a Mission.  Learn how to connect to your intuition, to your spirit team and how to trust yourself.  Learn to tools you will add to your daily experience to feel more uplifted, connected and passionate.

This program uses gentle spiritual coaching to allow you to stop reacting to life as if it is happening to you, and begin to embody the fact that life is happening all around you in your favor.



This program is 4 weeks

Designed to help you gain Clarity around a decision, venture  or your next big move that you wish to take action on.  This program gives you the tools you can use to explore all options, journal prompts to bring your clarity to life and an execution plan to bring your new clarity into reality.

This program will help you release fears & doubts around this decision and step confidently into aligned action.

Go from not being able to decide, to having made this amazing decision that you cannot wait to dive into.



 This program is 6 weeks long

Accelerate is a program for you to start your next venture.  It could be a business, a book, a new job, a big move.  This program is designed to educate you with tools to warn off self-doubt , perfection paralysis and imposter syndrome.  I guide you through your current subconscious habits and give your tools & techniques to quiet the doubting mind which allows you the space to confidently move forward.

To Accelerate!


1:1 Coaching

Take the Leap


Sometimes, we just need something to get us out of our rut!  If you are still left feeling like you don’t know which Coaching package is right for you, or if Coaching is right for you, then click the link below and book a quick call.


If you have a calling for something more out of your life, but you aren’t sure what it is yet, then 1:1 will help you bring out your true dreams & begin to feel like you can own them.

Imagine what it would be like not to feel obsessed with what others are doing or thinking?

Coaching can help you unlock some of the inner patterns, traumas, & fears behind moving forward.  You never know how deep something small can be.  If you feel like you keep dealing with the same blocks, perhaps some Inner Work with a Coach can help.


 Imagine waking  up everyday, loving the life you created and feeling fulfilled by the work / life balance that you have.

Feeling confident & assured of yourself and excited for the next steps.

You may also find that some ‘Inner Work’ needs to be brought up so you can heal old limiting beliefs and embody the new you that you so badly crave.

I recommend at least 4 weeks of working together to see progress.  You will be given tools along the way that you can apply to all areas of your life.  Give yourself the grace of time & patience to move through these patterns once and for all.

Align to Thrive Retreat

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Take the Leap

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