We are looking forward to seeing you soon

There are many emotions as we are allowed to re enter the world and our favourite places.  At the spa, we are often in very close contact with one another and have to be very aware of each other’s safety as the spa re opens.  Below is an outline of our new protocols in progress.  There are daily updates and information, so the information below will be updated as new rules are set into place.

For now we have made the following upgrades and changes to accommodate you as our guest in the spa.

The staff will be wearing mask and gloves during your treatment.

During Facials or faceup close proceedures, staff will be wearing protective glasses.

We will no longer be able to offer magazines, handouts, brochures ect.

We will be using the lower main entrance for entry and the upper door as an exit.

We will have a ziploc baggie outside the spa entrance that contains single use alcohol wipes, gloves and a mask.  If you wish to have one before you enter, you may for $2.00 added to your service.  Please put your mask on before you enter the spa.

Upon entry of the spa, you will be asked to remove your coat and shoes at the door rack.

You will be asked to wash your hands upon entering the spa and settle into your station.

Our spa staff will be disinfecting the contact surfaces after each guest. Door handles, payment device, nail polishes, washroom handles

Our space is so big, that with scattered apt start times, we will have minimal people in the spa. 1-3 people at a time, including staff.

The busiest days will be Friday & Saturday, so if you wish to be more alone, try another day.

Our products will be placed on weekly orders, so there are not products sitting on the shelves.

We ask of you;

Please do not attend your appointment if you feel ill in any way.

If you have been in contact with anyone who is ill, please reschedule your appointment.

There will be no cancellation fees.

You do not have to wear gloves and a mask ( as far as I know ) but I will provide them for you if you forgot yours, or just prefer to wear one.  Our staff will be wearing gloves and a mask during your service.

If possible to save your gift certificates for your next visit, as we get back on our feet. 

Please ask any questions if you have any.  We are here for you if you need anything

We are all in this together

As we all get through this unusual time, we are learning each day.

Safety and sanitization are our main considerations at this time.  Hopefully, we can maintain the amazing success we have achieved through social distancing , and keep our island healthy and strong

Thank you so much for your support and loyalty! We will get through this and we will all have some amazing stories to catch up on.

Contact the spa if you have any questions or concerns or anything that I may have missed.

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