Join me in my new video series, What can be done about my…..

This video is all about those tiny blood vessels around your nose and upper cheeks.

Discover why these vessels become visible, how you can prevent the breakdown or the condition getting worse.  Treatments and skincare that you should be using to strengthen you cappilaries and how you can remove them for good are all covered in todays video. 

Watch for the next topics, sun damage, skin tags & milia , and maskne coming up.

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Organic vs. Chemical facials

A new service at The Heavenspa, suitable for all skin types with signs of discolored skin, congested oily skin, and mature skin. Oxygenate the skin with a true burst of Hydrogen peroxide, helping to deep clear pores and refresh the complexion. A combo of retinal palmitate, AHA & BHAs and a new ingredient oxygeskin to bring a new level of glow to your skin. Two new ways you can get this amazing new treatment, one Oxyburst Pedi, includes a complete pedi and the introductory facial. 90 mins $95 or the Ultimate facial includes the oxyburst, dermal rolling, peptide serum massage and a hydro jelly mask. includes your own roller for home and full one on one instructions for your skin type. 75 mins $325.

Organic vs. Chemical facials
What to do for discolored skin

Join me for this fun video with info about skin discolorations, pigmentation and sun damaged skin. Techniques, products, and treatments are all covered in this video. Learn how a skincare pro applies her skincare for maximum results in daily prevention.

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What you need to know about Dermal Rolling!

Who should be using this device, why you would use a Dermal Roller and a live demo on how to use the device.

Wrinkles, pigmentation, acne scars are among many skin conditions that can be improved with regular use of your Dermal Roller

All things Dermal Rolling
Learn all about Eye Creams

Lost in the world of eye creams? Do you really need an eye cream? When should you use it, and how is it best to apply?

Get the answers to all your eye cream questions in this video. Learn powerful organic ingredients to look out for and some that you shouldn’t be with out.

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Get your own Virtual Consultation with your Skin care Pro

Get all your personal questions answered and a custom organic skincare regime based on your skin needs. Get your optimal skin health faster than figuring all out on your own. Get glowing skin, you deserve it.

#FacialFriday week 3 - see the spice
Cleansing: so many choices. How to choose

In this video we talk all about creating the perfect foundation for your skincare routine. There is no reason to do anything to a dirty face. You must have a clean skin to have a healthy skin. Learn all of the many cleansing choices, how to clean your skin perfectly and prepare it for the following steps.

Learn tips, insider application tips and ingredient info. Get your own virtual skin consultation. Receive one on one advice and instructions for clear, healthy, younger looking skin. Get the healthy glowing skin you deserve. Get your skincare solutions from professional.

See a full description of Eminence Organic Sun Protection. Learn how to choose a SPF that is right for your skin type, and save money with Heaven the Spa on the Rock SPF Bundle.

Book a virtual consultation for your custom organic skin care routine. Get all your questions answered by a skin care professional. Never do skin care alone.

Your perfect sun protection bundle
How to remove your gel polish professionally

Tips and tricks from a professional!

Get your gel mani off and ready for your next nail appointment.

Save time and money with these tips!

New Video: How to choose which facial is best for you?

How to choose a Facial & How often should you have one?

Watch this video to see the amazing results possible with just one facial!!!! How to choose a facial and how often you may have a facial.

New Video: How to get rid of ingrown hairs

Do you suffer with ingrown hairs?

I see this all the time. Learn why this is happening and what you can do to stop it, and heal those marks!