Venus Viva

The Latest Technology in Skin Rejuvenation

Finally, Pro-Active Aging!

Technology that improves your skin health and density, and removes those wrinkles!


Venus Viva™ features two applicators: the NanoFractional Radio Frequency (RF) applicator for procedures requiring ablation and resurfacing of the skin, and the DiamondPolar™ applicator for non-invasive wrinkle reduction*.


  • Designed to resurface the skin, which helps reduce the appearance of acne scars and other scars, striae, rosacea, dyschromia, deep wrinkles, enlarged pores, and uneven skin texture and pigmentation for all skin types
  • A published clinical study showed that four weeks after the last treatment, total surface area, length, and width of striae alba significantly decreased from the baseline (p < 0.001). Patient satisfaction scores of “Satisfied” and “Very Satisfied” for changes on texture, size, and overall improvement were 96.67%, 93.94%, and 96.97%, respectively.1
  • Another peer-reviewed clinical study showed that NanoFractional RF™ is effective in improving skin texture and pigmentation.2


  • Tip is one of the largest spot sizes in the industry and delivers up to 700 pulses
  • Energy is scanned and flows through the groups of needle-shaped pins, and penetrates deep into the tissue
  • Energy is distributed through small footprint per pin (160 x 38 µm2) at variable energy densities in a single tip, reducing the risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH)3 and leaving sufficient intact tissue in between, for faster wound healing, uniform post-treatment tissue appearance, and low downtime
  • No return pads allow for more homogenous energy delivery, resulting in safer treatments and consistent clinical outcomes


  • Uses unique algorithm and pattern selection technology that enables operator to generate customized patterns for maximum flexibility and control during treatment
  • Enables ablation and coagulation of the epidermis and dermis zone in a fractional manner, resulting in more effective skin resurfacing for mild to severe skin conditions
  • Eliminates the need to use additional tips or change tips mid-treatment. This makes sessions simpler, faster, and more cost-effective, which can lead to increased ROI


  • Uses proprietary (MP)2 technology, a combination of Multi-Polar Radio Frequency (RF) and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields (PEMF), to treat moderate to severe wrinkles and rhytides
  • Multi-Polar RF uses a complex algorithm to deliver homogeneous energy and volumetric heating to multiple tissue depths, allowing for quick and safe buildup of heat, and easy maintenance of therapeutic temperature throughout the treatment
  • Effect of Multi-Polar RF is enhanced by PEMF, a non-thermal mechanism emitted through the applicator’s electrodes
  • RF heats and directly stimulates fibroblasts, while PEMF induces fibroblast proliferation through release of the growth factor FGF-2
  • Through synergistic (MP)2, RF directly stimulates fibroblasts, while PEMF is known to induce fibroblast proliferation and stimulate new collagen production through release of the growth factor FGF-24
  • Unique electrode placement allows for treatment around the eyes, along the jowls, and other smaller areas
  • Treatments with this applicator are comfortable with no downtime, and RF technology is proven safe for all skin types
Multi-Polar Radio Frequency ApplicatorMULTI-POLAR RADIO FREQUENCY Pulsed Electro Magnetic FieldsPULSED ELECTRO MAGNETIC FIELDS
Woman enjoying Venus Viva skin rejuvenation treatment

What to expect

HeavenSpa will be delighted to offer you a free, no obligation consultation to ensure that Venus Viva is the right choice for you.  You can feel confident that if you are feeling any of the following, you may be a canditate for the treatment;  Deep wrinkles, laugh lines, crows feet, Loose skin around your mouth and jaw line, droopy eyes and brows, undefined cheeks, large pores, acne scars, stretch marks, pigmentation or uneven skintone or best of all, prevent any of the above by improving the health and density of your skin. Venus Viva is a fully customizable treatment that can take up to 30 minutes. We recommend 3 treatments at 4 week intervals for best results of deep wrinkle reduction ( nano fractional ablation) and for the Radio Frequency Diamond Polar is 6 sessions at 1-2 week intervals. The treatment is causing your collagen to regenerate through thermal disruption, so the best results are up to 30 days post treatment. Your package can be completely customized for your specific needs.  You will be asked thorough questions during your consultation to design the path that will be perfect for you.  We are not battling the aging process, we are working with it and getting steps ahead in your skin health!  If you wish to continue we require a patch test, at which time a $50 cost will be taken and applied to your session.  Call today, for your best package pricing of the year!