The following is a recommended treatment protocol that will yield the best results for your goal of looking your best. A treatment regime can be customized based on your expectations and budget. You may choose all or one of these solutions.

Option 1. Laser PhotoRejuvenation
This treatment removes all discolorations from the skin. Years of photo damage are removed, leaving the skin more even and glowing. Recovery time is 10days to 2 weeks, where the dark spots will appear darker and then naturally slough off. How many? 2-3, 4-6 weeks apart

Results are permanent ( as long as spf is worn daily) Cost $350 per session

Option 2. Venus Swan
Radio Frequency energy evenly heats the skin and contracts the collagen and tightens the skin. (also used for reducing cellulite and body contouring) Recovery time is none, your skin is glowing after each session. How many ? A series of 6 is suggested for face 2- 3 weeks apart. Results show fully 60 days after final session. Cost $1500 for 6.

Option 3. HydraFacial or Microdermabrasion
These treatments remove the surface layers of dead skin that cause dullness and fine lines. Recovery time is one day, you want to wear no makeup on your treatment day to allow the skin to breath and absorb the nutrients applied. Your series will be ongoing starting with 4 sessions 4-6 weeks apart. Results are immediate and require maintenance of treatments or skin care to keep up with your constantly growing skin layers. Cost $398 for 4, or $125 each session

Option 4. AHA facial peeling
Priori advanced AHA skincare offers a very effective peel that dissolves the old sugars bonding dead skin cells together, providing a more even and smooth skin result. You may do a peel once a week or once a month depending on your needs and your skin type. It will also assist in your homecare regime performing better and getting you faster results.

Heavenspa also offers two medical grade skincare lines to assist you with keeping your results once you have invested in yourself. A custom regime can be established just for your needs, with one product or a whole set. Spf is the one essential product to any anti-aging regime! We use ColoreScience Powder SPF that is water proof and chemical free, offering mineral protection.

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