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Reconnect to your soul through the power of the forest

Take a moment from your busy life & escape into the healing woods. Indulge into an experience that includes a woodlands scented soothing foot soak, a mind soothing hot cacao drink & a purifying & firming facial with brand new Eminence products. Relax. Take a deep breath. Imagine your toes at the edge of a quiet, peaceful forest. Exhale, releasing the familiar stresses of urban living. Let the healing powers of nature take over. The Japanese practice of ‘shinrin-yoku’, literally translated to ‘forest bathing’, is rooted in the philosophy that by immersing oneself in nature, one can positively impact their health and wellness. The theory is simple, but the practice can be difficult in our urban world. Stressors from environmental pollution, digital pollution, and our fast-paced modern lifestyles create barriers to the natural world and wreak havoc on our health and our skin. Inspired by shinrin-yoku, the Pure Forest Collection blends premium ingredients sourced from nature, to bring the healing properties of the forest directly to the skin in three luxurious new formulas. Pure Forest Facial Experience1hr 45 $125
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